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Disaster Recovery Essay

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Disaster Recovery Plan
Majority of the documents and administrative transaction in today`s business are heavily dependent with electronic data processing. We depend so much on data processing that if the service were to abruptly stop, most business would not be able to continue normal operations. In the event that a service as essential as this one is interrupted, the business must have a well-documented plan of action in place to follow.
A Disaster Recovery Plan is a process in which you resume business once an unforeseen event has happens. If written well, a Disaster Recovery plan will cut the decision making while in a recovery process and allow the continuation of standard operations in the utmost cost effective way.
A Recovery Plan is mostly composed of a recovery team with assigned tasks and responsibilities for every team member. A priority list of services to address and the order in which they must be brought back to operating status. A list of risk assessments for different types of disasters. Support information from service providers. A contact list of key members to keep updated every step of the way. Also, a checklists for software and hardware.
Having a Recovery plan is just common sense in today‚Äôs business, depending on the business some states may require a Disaster Recovery plan to be in place before business start.   Here in South Florida, our biggest threat are hurricanes. Hurricane Recovery Plan will take precedence in most business plans. The business administration reviews the plan and suggests modifications for approval.
Each department that might be affected by the disaster must assign a representative to be part of the recovery project team. The chosen representative for each department will be responsible for training the department and serving a communication line to the recovery team. It is important that each department should also create an operations procedure document for its own needs.
A Project Team contains of a Data...

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