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Discussion Questions Essay

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1. What are the differences between universal approaches and contingency approaches to organization design? A universal approach is designed to work in any circumstances. A contingency approach desired outcomes for the organization can be achieved in many ways.
Group B Response: Universal approaches to organization design seeks to learn the best way to structure organizations most effectively. Contingency approaches to organization design propose the best organization structure depends on a variation of factors, not just effectiveness. Which approach do you feel is more appropriate in a virtual organization?
2. Define “organizational environment” and “organizational technology.” In what ways do these concepts overlap? Organizational environment refers to the forces and institutions outside an organization that could potentially affect an organizations performance. Organizational technology refers to the mechanical and intellectual processes that transform the inputs into outputs.
3. Identify and describe some of the environmental and technological factors that affect your college or university. Give specific examples of how they affect you as a student. Potential factors for college on the environmental would be not receiving you books in time to complete your assignments. Technological would be an outdated computer lab for students to use.
Group B Response: Receiving books on time is so significant to me because I was just dealing with this issue with the university. In fact, I never received the accounting textbook and was instead, offered my refund because the publisher couldn’t be reached to discuss the discrepancies. The lapse in communication and possible technical advances caused me to not only turn in late assignments, but also fall behind in understanding of course material.
4. How does organization design usually differ for large and small organizations? The size of the organization has a great impact on the...

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