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Door Guard Case Study

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CASE #1: The Bone Of Contention

Bella a Certified Public Accountant from a reputable school in Manila who works at the Food Corp. for the past three years, working as one of the finance staff got depressed and demotivated because of the big difference of salary with Patty. Patty a classmate of Bella and an Accounting Graduate recently joined the Food Corp. as a finance staff, she had many working experience before joining the Food Corp.

Question #1
Why is Bella demotivated?
Bella was demotivated upon knowing that Patty receives more than her despite she's been with the company for 3 years. Patty was just a new comer and also new to the industry but still she receives more that Bella, these are the things that demotivates Bella.

Is she justified to be so?
Emotionally speaking YES because she felt that ther is some what unfairness on the part of the management.
Economically speaking YES because what a person earns does have an effect on the way he/she lives.

Question #2
Describe the relationship between Bella and Patty
At first Bella was friendly to Patty but after some time friendliness was transformed into a mere civilized co-existence without the latters knowledge the reason why. Then upon knowing of the reassignment, Bella and Patty's relationship somehow improved. I describe this as a frictional and situational relationship people tend to change moods based on their external environments and situations.

Were their behaviors justified? Explain your stand.
People tend to react negatively whenever they felt that they are being treated unfairly but the key there to resolve things is so simple just communicate, taking time to hear both parties concern and grievances.

Question #3
What are the immediate and long-range problems in this case?

Immediate Problems
  * Demoralization
  * Low Morale of Employees
  * Working without as sense of worthiness
  * Work quality is hampered
  * Bad working habits...

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