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Doubt Essay

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  • on June 3, 2014
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Catholicism has been steeped in controversy for ages and this is explored in the play, Doubt by John Patrick Shanley. The major tensions during the 21st century surrounding the church were acts that came to light regarding priests having sexual relations with children. This came as a shock to the world when more and more cases started surfacing about various clergy and children. The news of these events traveled so fast due to the Internet, which allowed people to search news on anything at anytime. The author uses this as the base of Doubt . as   Sister Aloysius’ role as investigator   highlights the pre- Internet   days by having her search for information about Father Flynn in traditional ways. Doubt depicts one persons search for the truth using her intuition and suspicion and another’s concealment of it.
The author explores the suspicious acts that some Catholic priests were accused in this century. The Catholic Church had concealed the truth about priests who were suspected and accused of taking advantage of kids they were entrusted to protect. Shanley uses a Catholic school from the 60’s as the setting for where he explores these incidents. The motivation for setting the story during this time was that it was before the Internet existed and the immediacy of information was non-existent.   There has always been an idea of inner doubt as part of being the human condition. Shanley uses the Sister Aloysius character to play a similar role to as the modern day Internet as she searches the school for clues on what really happened between Father Flynn and Donald Muller.   “ I want you all to be alert. I am concerned perhaps needlessly, about, eh, matters in St. Nicholas School” (Page 17). By writing it in the past, Shanley has brought modern events into it to show the idea of how doubt has and will always be around. He shows this at the end of the play when you are left with uncertainty: “it ends ambiguously, leaving us in the same anguished state that overcomes the...

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