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Douglass Essay

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  • on February 18, 2014
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Select one of the poems and explain why the poet is effective in presenting his message. Consider such elements: rhythm, rhyme, diction, imagery, and purpose.
In this Petrarchan sonnet, Dunbar makes clear his message and expression of the pain of racial injustices after the Civil War. Douglass, as depicted as a great leader, is called upon for comfort through this problem that America faces. The purpose of this poem I feel is to represent the struggles the African Americans had to endure during their time being slaves while offering hope for the black community, letting the reader knows that one day someone will lead them out of this struggle and into their promise land. The poet does these in this elegy through the use of several techniques such as apostrophe, rhyming, metaphor, pathetic fallacy, imagery, diction, rhythm, and others.
The use of the iambic pentameter and the consistent rhyme scheme allows a serious and solemn subject to have a melodious like atmosphere, which lightens the mood. This poem is also written with apostrophe, meaning that the speaker is addressing someone who is dead. Basically, the narrator is telling Douglass that times have only gotten worse since Douglass' last days. Segregation and discrimination is prominent, and whenever they find support it is beaten down by opposition as shown in the line "The awful tide that battled to and fro". The speaker then starts talking about how he wished that Douglass was still here to lead the African American civil right movement through this storm while man's honor, the strong pilot, is left deserted. “Honor” is the pilot, which plays as an allegory that must guide them in the future. Douglass also an allegory is chosen here to represent past leadership in the first black civil rights movement, as he is not only a historically iconic figure but a very prominent, recent, and relevant influence for the reader.
The speaker describes Douglass as being able to take everything thrown at him and to...

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