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Dream and Demise Essay

  • Submitted by: anonymous
  • on June 3, 2014
  • Category: English
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the bright shining light fades away
into the bottomless abyss
where screams are apparent and loud
reaching the ends of the universe

so tiny it had faded to
but still so glaring that little spot
rays that reach also the ends of the universe
so soft its voice, so loud its presence

pain and suffering rubs against the light
staring dead at the light, torment and insanity
the light, its heat dries up all moist
yet the light floods itself in tears

the tears flow only deeper into the abyss
the cries so deafening, seem silent amongst the havoc
the light dims further in exhaustion
a weary mind ceases its thinking

fear pierces through the eyes
penetrating deep into the mind
one glance around is all it takes
never again from your sleep you awake

the ears, they drown in the sickening screams
like witches' laughter and dead mens' howls
a harmonious hymn of horrible anguish
gently slices the brain apart

eyes shut so rigidly it hurts
yet imagination so real, comes into play
chilling sounds creep into the ear
ears cut off, yet still you hear

a sense of damnation slithers in under your skin
sooner or later, it crawls to your head
failing to break it with all is remained
only thing left is to sit and wait hopeless

a tender whisper appears out of the scorching thin air
it feels safe now, the eyes open
an entity unknown catches the corner of the eye
glowing it be, but dark the intent

trembling in fear, the eyes freezes open
Black Mystery, the unknown, presses into the soul
crafty whisper now drifts into the ear
"fragile soul, i take, i eat"

dazed in horror, the light reflects
"how could this be, the whisper so tender?"
bizzare thoughts rush into the head
finally see, "my insight failed me!"

so simply fooled, this cannot be
"so steadfast it has been, this instinct in me"
the rationale gives out, the inane gives in
"Black Mystery, the one inside of me?"

this or that, confusion leads to fatigue
the brain soon...

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