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Dress Code Essay

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  • on February 22, 2013
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The Caloundra State High School Dress Code Policy has been developed in consultation with parents and caregivers, school staff, students and the Parents’ and Citizens’ Association.

A formal endorsement by the P and C is attached to this policy.

The Caloundra State High School community endorses, supports and expects students to be in uniform.

A uniform is an important part of the development of our school as we agree it presents the first (and often lasting) impression people form about our school and its students. The Caloundra State High School Dress Code assists our school community by:

    • allowing for the easy identification of our students on school premises and during regional sporting and cultural events and excursions, critical incidents, safety drills or evacuations.
    • alerting our school staff to people who may not belong on our school grounds.
    • reducing the pressure of buying name brands and following the latest trends and fads, which minimises any visible economic or social differences between students.
    • promoting a sense of common purpose and belonging, consistency and unity in the daily activities of students.
    • reflecting the Caloundra State High School’s community expectations of student safety and is consistent with the Department of Education and Training’s Occupational Health and Safety and Anti-discrimination Legislation and Sun Safe Strategy.

Dress and personal appearance expectations
Students wearing items of jewellery and headwear that do not comply with the requirements set out below will be asked to remove the offending item and to store it out of sight for the remainder of the school day. In the case of non-uniform items worn, students will be required to change into replacement uniform items provided to replace it during the school day. A refusal to comply will be dealt with in accordance with managing compliance set out below.

Caloundra State High School requires all...

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