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Early Teenagers Facing Obesity: How to Battle This Epidemia? Essay

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Below is an essay on "Early Teenagers Facing Obesity: How to Battle This Epidemia?" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Rose E. Serrano-Torres
Survey of Public Health Concepts

2751 Dodds Ln
Kissimmee, Fl 34743
Email: rserranotorres@capellauniversity.edu
Telephone: 787-559-8661
Instructor:   Dr. Ilene Putterman


Children and adolescents are a target group for intervention to prevent obesity and the long-term health implications.   The paper will describe how early teenagers are facing obesity and how the local and federal   health agencies can establish action plans to promote and improve the existing programs to help children and teenagers face and battle the issue. The article will explore and propose different strategies that can be incorporated either in school, community centers or family nucleus. Implement more active public health forums to increase probability that teenager and the parents find an escape route from obesity at an early stage. A multidisciplinary effort from agencies in conjunction with local and federal health departments can integrate strategies to prevent and eradicate obesity as a prevalent and rising disease. Hospitals, communities, major leader brands, grocery stores can help providing information and tools to offer a healthier way of eating, exercising that will lead to a better lifestyle and a healthier longevity. Children, teenagers, parents, families, and education institutions are also actively involucrate in today’s lifestyle. This paper will give suggestions on how to support and improve the battle of this epidemic known as obesity.

Table of Content
Title 1
Abstract 2
Introduction 4
Background 6
Context 8
Recommendations 11
Conclusion 14
References 15

Approximately 70 million Americans are obese. This alarming number includes one in three adults, and one in five children suffer from obesity.   Different research studies suggest the best time to...

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