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Economic Development Essay

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  • on February 19, 2014
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Both the government and economics greatly differed between Virginia and Massachusetts between 1607 and 1750. The differences within the percentage of class were unbelievably large and their entire economic structure differed from one another. Virginia had additional risky economics and culture where-as Massachusetts had a stable economy. Virginia economy was based only on the production of tobacco. The plantation homeowners had to buy slaves to work the fields that the slave trade in Virginia was conjointly an enormous issue. The plantation homeowners were within the very wealthy, elite class and just about ran much of the politics. Virginia had an absurd middle class and they could barely have any say within the elections. The poor class of Virginia were about 80% of the population and were not even allowed to vote. This created the state/colony of Virginia a really un-representative and un-democratic. There was little income in Virginia as a result of the elite plantation homeowners boasted their wealth as a show of power. This was necessary because this show of power kept the slaves and poor individuals of the community from revolting. The economy of Virginia was brittle and breakable. It would have taken was one big drought or one big dangerous tobacco year and Virginia would have been severely hurt economically by those two things. The Northern colonies, particularly Massachusetts, were much steadier. There was a bigger middle class of 65% and there was much more representation in politics in Massachusetts. The economy was much steadier as a result of it did not solely rely on one kind of financial income. Because there had been several harbors in Massachusetts there had been additional villages that demanded to the need of new jobs. There included Blacksmiths, boat crew, clothes makers, Merchants. There was also much more income in Massachusetts as a result of there was no need to boast wealth and a much bigger middle class. Another cause for the great...

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