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Edsa People Power Essay

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  • on February 27, 2014
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December 19, 2013
P.E. 2   4394 Thursday a.m.
08   Cabel , Ian Val F.

  1. Compare and contrast cha-cha-cha and swing

  * Cha cha and swing   are couple dances.
  *   Cha cha and swing   manifest triple steps.
  * Both dances have rock step   or the rocking action during the move wherein   the weight is transferred from one foot to another.
  * Cha cha and swing are kinds of social dance.
  * Swing and cha cha are often in response to trend in popular music. For cha cha the music used is usually latin pop while for swing   the music used is jazz.
  * Cha cha and swing are played in 4/4   timing.

  * You cannot use the same music for cha cha and swing because of the difference in tempo , timing and beat of the music.
  * Hip movement in cha cha is achieved   through the alternate bending and straightening   of knees while in swing hips sway back and forth .
  * The basic cha cha pattern is counted   2 – 3- 4 & 1 while the basic swing pattern is counted
1 ,& , 2 ,3, & , 4 ,5 ,6
  * Cha cha has a tempo of 110 to 130 beats per time while swing has a tempo of   180 to 320 beats per time

  2. Asses   your performance in two dances 1 as the lowest and 5 as the highest.

2 -We did not take this task seriously because we rehearsed our dance for a few hours the day before the performance test. Also most of our   group mates   are not present if not they came late during the practice, resulting to a meager rating It is a lesson for us that we should not take for granted any task given to us hence we should give our best .
4 -I am still not satisfied with our performance though our group had the highest score most of the time because some of our routine were not master . I also think that our group lacks energy because when we performed our   presentation   is lousy though acceptable.

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