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Educators Debate Essay

  • Submitted by: sheridan77
  • on February 21, 2013
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Below is an essay on "Educators Debate" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Educators debate extending high school to five years due to the increasing demands on students from employers and colleges. Those for it say that it will give students more time to achieve what is expected, and those against it say that students would lose intrest and attendance will drop in year five. Of course there seems to be advantages and disadvantages to both, but lets be realistic, in America today, education isn't exactly our most relishing topic. I feel that extending high school one more year is a bad idea for three reasons, students really only have three years, there will be a loss of intrest, and its just a "band aid" for bigger problems.

Firstly, if you think about it, there are really only three years of high school, because does anyone really get anything done senior year? No. Senior year is a time of waiting, for school to end, for your acceptance letters to come in, it's a time of waiting. Not to mention the commonly known disease that seems to incubate all seniors called "senioritis". Senioritis is basically not doing anything. With 5 years of high school students would waste 2 years to senioritis instead of just one.

Out of the millions of students enrolled in high school, maybe one out of 5 truly enjoys school, where as the others just treat it as a social gathering very early in the morning. After the first three years of high school, coming into your senior year, you become a human form of a slug, very slow, both physically and mentally. Of course I might be over exaggeraiting maybe a little bit, but the intrest is gone after sophomore year. What makes you think that it will magically pop up after an addition of one more year? It will just be more time to be bored.

Lastly, extending high school an extra year just seems like a band aid for all the problems in the field of education. At a time where the illiteracy and dropout rate seems to be rising as much as gas prices these days, one more year isn't going to cut it. The solution...

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