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Effects Parents Put on Thier Children Essay

  • Submitted by: teklalohman
  • on February 20, 2014
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Below is an essay on "Effects Parents Put on Thier Children" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Alyssa was lying in her bed all covered up with her baby blue fluffy blanket, flipping through the Journal newspaper, when she came across a well written article about the damage incarcerated parents caused their children. She started to feel empty for the kids that have to experience such a hard situation. She noticed the mental pain kids goes through and how it affected them being able to trust anyone throughout their lives.
Parents don’t understand every decision they make, right or wrong, affects the people around them. Anymore, parents are selfish and only think of themselves when they are put in a situation. When parents put themselves in a bad situation, they many times make bad choices which can lead to incarceration. Today, parents are being incarcerated for many different reasons. These reasons can range from something as minor as getting several tickets for driving under the influence or even getting caught serving minors more than a couple times. Others can be incarcerated for serious matters such as murder, molestation, rape, or armed robberies. The list of serious incarcerations can go on and on for days but, from experience, drugs are one of the most common reasons parents go to prison.   Just because a person goes to prison for selling drugs does not mean they are a user. In many cases, parents think it is okay to sell drugs like marijuana and cocaine for only a length of time to support their families while they get back on their feet. Parents do not consider the consequences if they get caught and most truly believe they will never be caught. Selling drugs is not just a physical effect but it is also a mental effect. People get so wrapped up on how much income they are making that they become addicted to the money and cannot stop selling.
When parents become incarcerated, at the time, they thought they were only doing what was best to support their family. However, in reality they were causing their family lots of emotional damage. Parents do not...

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