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Egt1 Task Essay

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Expanding into the Asian market is a great opportunity for Company A to globally expand its brand name. The introduction of Company A must be precise as the cultural differences are vast depending on the country. The best way to be successful is adhering to these customs and embracing them. Doing so will allow the residents to see that Company A understands the importance of these differences and hopefully be welcomed with open arms.
If Company A is going to be successful in the Japanese market, then understanding and abiding by these cultural difference will ensure that the company is one step closer to global success. One difference is how meetings are conducted in Japan. In America, meetings are a place where decisions are made and thoughts/opinions reign free. In Japan, meetings only take place for typically one of three reasons: to build a relationship, the exchange of information between parties or to confirm a previously made decision ("Doing business in," ). In this regard, Company A should hold building the relationship in the highest priority as the company will be new into the market. When building this business relationship, the company needs to build it with each member of the meeting. The individuals in the meeting will be a senior member as well as subordinates, as each member will give their opinion when discussing a decision. Focusing on the senior member will not be advised as it is in America, where the attention is given to the “decision-maker” of the meeting. This is not the case in Japan as each meeting will be with a group not just a single individual or a clear decision-maker.
Another difference between American and Japanese cultures is how one communicates with another. In America, the way of communicating is direct and clear regarding the subject at hand, whereas in Japan the way to communicate is subtly and indirectly. An example is the word, “no”. In Japanese negotiations, the subtly used can be misinterpreted incorrectly by...

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