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Emerging Social Technologies and the Effects on Business Essay

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Below is an essay on "Emerging Social Technologies and the Effects on Business" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Emerging technologies have significantly brought major transformations in business world. In particular, new advancements that relate to social media have undoubtedly played a huge role that would otherwise not have occurred in they were not embraced by modern businesses. Since the today’s world is becoming by far a socially connected one, such technologies cannot be overlooked if business growth is to be achieved. It is this driving force that has accelerated the innovation of new technologies such as Jive. Such innovative ideas have made it possible to interconnect websites for various enterprises which in turn enhances marketing. Each of these technologies plays a precise positive role in business.

Jive has made enormous contributions towards thriving of social collaboration, by aiding employees, clients and partners to connect and interact communicate leading to improved results in marketing, client services, sales and productivity of the workforce (Gregor and Woolf, 2004). This in turn has resulted to higher sales, reduced support costs, productivity gains and higher client satisfaction.
It has also allowed teamwork to prevail in companies ranging from administrative work to the development of more sophisticated creative programs.
This technology has also improved the connection of colleagues at the workplace and the companies they work in.

Jive has not only promoted social cohesiveness but also has made employees learn vital information that they would have acquired, leading to increased changes in business strategies and emergence of business opportunities ensuing use of this technology.

For a growing social business, new breed of associates is important in enhancing collaborative relationship with other business partners.   Jive offers technical services, management transformation, enablement and strategic guidance. This technology ensures that all your unique enterprise requirements are fulfilled, supported and deployed globally.   An addition to...

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