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Energie in Germany Essay

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Politics decisions defining the renewable energies and economic future in Germany
The actual topic in Europe is the use of renewable energy, the different types of pollution created for the old ways to create energy is generating a big impact on the environment, such as mercury with bourn of coal in Germany. The nuclear solution confront history and disasters and also politician with ground knowledge of science are taking decisions that will defined the future of the economy and environment of the countries. Concurrently Germany is taking the lead in Europe with the new Energiewende using the new technologies available in the renewable energy field, creating social and economic impacts and also high expectation on the public sector.
The energy has become in the last years a priority topic for the politic and also for society in Germany. On the path to become the number one environment friend and at the same time maintained the prices of the actual economy Germany has a very difficult and expensive objective. Based on political decisions and the actual needs of the environment, new sources of energy has been developed to solve environmental issues, such as water pollution, air pollution, noise pollution. (OECD/IEA, 2003)
Clean energy is the goal to achieve and heretofore the nuclear solution present attractive results. The consumption of energy for Germany in the year 2009 was: oil 34.6%, natural gas 21.7 %, coal 22.5%, nuclear 11%, hydro and wind 1.5% and other sources 0.9%. (Zichichi, 2011)
Based on the mentioned percentages the first source of energy in Germany are the fossil fuels, which are non-renewable energy and also fossil fuels like coal are responsible of emitting mercury emissions, which are volatile and neurotoxin. The consequences of using this type of energy are creating air pollution and damaging the atmosphere. (Vallero, 2008)
Whit nuclear energy a large amount of energy is produced with a very low amount of nuclear fuel and...

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