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Engineering Materials Carburretor Choosing Materials Essay

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Engineering materials – Assignment 1

Desirable properties
A carburettor controls the mix of gasoline and air – creating a highly combustible mixture, it regulates the ratio of air and fuel and controls the engines speed. The Carburettor must be corrosion resistant to fuel and air. This rule out steel. The carburettor is not subject to extremely fast movements and has no excessively accurate dimensions so can therefore be made cheaply.   The carburettor material should not easily expand or compress in temperature and should be strong to last a life time.
Criteria for assessment
  * Corrosion resistant
  * Cheap manufacture costs
  * Low thermal expansion
  * Strength
  * Easily Cast
Selected material
Cast Iron

Window Frame
Desirable Properties
A window frame is designed to hold a sheet of glass (glazed or double glazed), allowing a building to be provided with light but protect from weathering and warmth. The window frame must be strong to protect against the wind, it must be water resistant against the rain and in some areas must not corrode due to the salt weathering (mainly on houses near the sea). The window frame mujst be light weight for builders to lift up to second and third stories. The window frame must be durable to aid in ease of manufacture, it must also be easily worked to allow for and shape to be created.
Criteria for assessment
  * Water resistant
  * Strong
  * Light weight
  * Durable
  * Easily worked

Selected material
PVC – Polyvinyl chloride
Cutting tool tips
Desirable Properties
The tips must be able to cut a various amount of metals, so therefore must have a much higher hardness than the majority of metals. Due to the metal to metal contact they must be able to withstand higher amounts of heat that will be created when cutting. The tips must be able to machine to a tight tolerance so they must be easily formed for prescision.
Criteria for assessment
  * Hardness
  * Ability to withstand...

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