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English Essay

  • Submitted by: Wpgame
  • on February 26, 2014
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English Assignment

I have chosen to talk about question three, where I shall discuss whether copyright of music, texts and films can and should be protected based on one of the three text.
The article is about Peter Sunde, Fredrik Neij and Gottfried Svartholm the founders of TPB, also known as The Pirate Bay. They were convicted in 2009 for contributory copyright infringement. They each faced to get four months to a year in prison. Peter Sunde’s sentences were eight months in prison.
The Swedish prosecutor sent out a memo in 2006, where he said that TPB wasn’t guilty of “main“crimes. In the memo he also said that the founders of TPB were just very clever, but the Hollywood was not happy, so they forced the Swedish Minister of Justice to visit the White House to talk about it.  
The United States told Sweden, that if they didn’t get rid of TPB, then they wouldn’t be allowed to trade with the U.S. That would means that they wouldn’t cooperate with Sweden any more.
So the minister told the prosecutor what happened and he was forced to make a raid on TPB and a few weeks later they sent a memo out where they said how illegal it was.
So this basically about how they tried to stop TPB, and just generally try to stop people in downloading movies, music, programs and many other things.
Today there are so many sites like The Pirate Bay and today it’s very easy to find new movies or music albums there’s not even in the stores yet. For example, today with just a few clicks you can search on Google and find thousand of website that can help you downloading illegal movies or music. Some of these websites can be Torrentz, H33t or torrent hound. These website are just like the Pirate Bay. You just go on one of this website and then you search for what you need and then it will come with thousands of suggestions.
Generally everything you can download on the internet we need to focus more on, because the people who are making these things are putting so much into it....

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