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Enzyme Prac Solution Essay

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Question 1
a. The marks for the graph are as follows:
        • Producing a line graph – 1 mark
        • pH on the X axis and Time on the Y axis – 1 mark
        • Appropriate scale – 1 mark
        • Graph title and units shown – 1 mark
4 marks

b. The shape of the graph changes as the activity of the enzyme changes. Students will have to specify how their graph has changed.
1 mark
Enzymes function best at their optimum pH, which in this case has been found to be (whatever their results indicate). When enzymes are acting at their optimum level the maximum amount of oxygen gas will be produced.
1 mark
Enzymes begin to be denatured when the pH of the surrounding environment moves away from the optimum pH. The rate and extent of denaturation increases as the pH value moves away from the optimum pH.
1 mark
Extreme pH denatures the enzyme, altering the shape of the active site and preventing the enzyme and substrate forming a complex, thereby decreasing the rate of the reactions. This is seen in a decrease in the amount of oxygen being produced.
1 mark

c. This pH will need to be read from the graph
1 mark
Optimum pH
1 mark
Question 2
a. Any 2 of the following
The volume the pH solution
The volume of peroxide
The surface area of the liver cube
The same size test tube
1 mark
b. The pH
1 mark
c. Treatment group refers to all groups which are being manipulated or varied during an experiment.
1 mark
  The treatment groups for this experiment were the test tubes 1 to 5.
1 mark
d. The control group is identical to all other items or subjects that you are examining with the exception that it does not receive the treatment or the experimental manipulation that all other items or subjects receive.
1 mark
  The control group is test tube 6 which did not have a solution added to it.
1 mark
Question 3
The volume of the catalase used...

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