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Epic Hero Essay

  • Submitted by: Darnell2
  • on June 2, 2014
  • Category: English
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I am a very fortunate child who has parents. There are many people that lived on this earth. But there is that one person that has influence you. That one person in my life is my Father. My father has had a huge impact on my life and it is because of who I am today. He taught me to change for the better and never give up. He influenced me the most because of his character, values and principles.
My father had taught me to never give up in life. When Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, I learned when my father had to find a place for us and get us back on track to keep us moving. It had brighten my eyes because my father never gave up even when he had a busy job, and gone all the time.   My father taught me what is right and what is wrong. He was like my teacher and a father. He taught me what I should or should not do. He always keeps me in line and control me, so I can do the right thing to get me ready for the real world. Whenever I want things that aren’t necessary, he would reject it sometimes. At first, I was mad at him because he didn’t give me what I need. But, then I realized that, he had taught me right. I have seen many of friends are spoiled because of that. But also don’t get me wrong I am spoiled too! In have to earned my stuff and do the right things.
In conclusion, my father had influenced me a lot. He taught me to never give up and keep me in line. My father and mother is a big part of my life. But my mother always tells me that I remind her of my dad. That is why is he is a big part of my life. He’s one of the most significant influences I have around me to be who I am today. My father had taught me right from wrong. Although I may, not listen to him all the time. But, I do respect him.   As my father this why, I am a well-rounded person. My father influenced me in his way to know how to succeed in the future.

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