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Essay 1

  • Submitted by: anonymous
  • on February 23, 2013
  • Category: History
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The American Revolution, changed the world completely, never had a colony battled against its mother country and won. The thirteen colonies decided to sign the Articles of confederation that ensured that there would be federal and individual state governments, and that all states would protect each other in the event of an attack (Foner 2011). The founding fathers of the United States were afraid that giving power to an unknown person, would eventually lead to a monarchy, a monarchy they had fought so hard to get away from in the American Revolution. The States found that the Articles of confederation was not strong enough for their country to continue to exist without turmoil, they needed a stronger government. May of 1787, twelve of the thirteen states of the United States of America, assembled in Philadelphia to change the articles of confederation, in this assembly the states decided that they need a new constitution all together (Foner 2011). The founding fathers, had separate views of what the government should be like, they were divided between the federalist, who wanted the new constitution to be ratified, and the anti-federalist, those who opposed the constitution (Foner 2011). Both of these views combined are what made the government we have today a government of checks and balances. Although the American Revolution united the 13 colonies there were many objections to the Constitution, a document needed by the Americans to have a stronger government, by the anti-federalists, of these objections, there was the fact that there was no bill of rights, the fear that the federal government would have too much power, and third was that the federal government would remove the power of the states (Foner 2011).

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