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Essay on Three Text About Cyberbullying

  • Submitted by: Hjorthen8
  • on February 20, 2014
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Engelsk delprøve 2   - opgave A

The main problem in the 1st text (”One in five children is victim of cyber-bullying — with girls targeted most”) is the psychological damage that is giving the victims of cyber-bullying. People may think that cyber-bullying is a minor form of bullying, and a minor problem, but experts are saying the exact opposite, though to the society we live in today, it’s nearly impossible to escape from the online media or cellphones, and if the bullying is happening at these devices, it is nearly impossible to find a “safe-zone” where one can relax and be oneself.   Cyber-bullying is not a minor problem, as Nina Lakhani quotes from Mr. Walker “(…) cyber-bullying poses a serious public health problem.”
The second main problem in the first text, is that girls are twice as likely to be the target or the victim of cyber-bullying, compared to boys. The author quotes Mr. Walker who says that “Anti-bullying campaigns and professionals working with young people need to be smarter and more in tune with technology so they pick it up (…)”
The main point in the 2nd   text (“Hate and the internet: Does the internet encourage insidious and bullying behavior?”) is the ability to hide behind a digital mask, in the chat-forums you can login with a digital alias, and throw dirt at other people, knowing that they have no opportunity to trace the real you. A bystander in these forums and other digital chat rooms, may think of it as funny that grownups and older teenagers can act in such form of childish behavior, but it is no joke, such actions can have real-life consequences, if one is being the victim of hatred in these forums every time or most of the times, it will lead to a lower self-esteem and insecurity in real-life. The issue of cyber-bullying is not easy to overcome, cause a solution to the problem cannot be found, though to the bad circle this digital society have created, where the victims and the ethical bystanders develop a mutual hatred to the...

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