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Ethical Dilemmas Essay

  • Submitted by: mrsdubby
  • on March 17, 2013
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There are many ethical issues Americans deal with day to day.   One important ethical issue that has been battled by many is abortion. The ethical issue of abortion has been in the news since the 1970’s with the court decision of Roe v. Wade and remains an issue today.

Nature of the dilemma
In the Roe v. Wade court decision it was decided that women have the right to privacy under the due process clause of the 14th Amendment. There were only two stipulations under the decision: protecting prenatal life and protecting the women's health. All over in the news throughout the states, there is a battle between pro-choice and anti-choice people. Pro-choice Americans believe they should have the right to terminate their pregnancy. They believe they should not have any restrictions because it is their body, health and future.   Anti-choice individuals believe the unborn child as the right to be brought into this world.   Anti-abortion activists fight for the right of the unborn babies, although it is still a “fetus”, they believe it is still a person. President Obama’s administration has devised plans to help defuse the ethical dilemma of abortion.
Ethical Decision
The decisions of abortion rights differ between states because they can uphold different regulations, but as of right now the decision in Roe v. Wade has been upheld in many cases addressing the abortion laws in the United States. According to Wikipedia (2013), “The ethical debate over abortion usually surrounds the issues of whether a fetus has rights, in particular a right to life, and whether the pregnant woman's rights over her own body justify abortion even if the fetus has a right to life. For many, there is a strong association between religion and abortion ethics.” (Sec. 4 Ethical Debate).   The abortion laws are different in many countries. In Canada, abortion is available to women without any restrictions, while in Chile abortion is banned and there are no exceptions during the women’s pregnancy....

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