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Ethics Essay

  • Submitted by: bbravo07
  • on February 21, 2014
  • Category: Social Issues
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The Webster dictionary’s definition of   ethics: moral standards; system of morals.
One’s decision of making a choice knowing that this is a   decision they will live with for the rest of their life. This decision is one that may or may not impact their life in some way. To make a conscience choice of right and wrong. We do this daily in our life without even knowing at times.   From the moment we wake to the second we fall asleep. It is decisions such as getting out of   bed or sleeping in that extra 15 minutes.   The small not so important choices to choices that will impact our lives and the lives of others.   The ethics/morals that we live our lives by can earn us a good reputation. One of trustworthiness and the respect of others.

Ethics are as much a part of our individual lives as they are a part of our lives at work and groups we belong to.   We have individual morals that we live by and others that we work and socialize by.   One I think of often when dealing with the youth of today is respect for our elders.   I just do not feel that the younger generations treat people of authority   with the respect that I was taught to have as a child.   Not only respect their elders but also those who hold more power,   such as a teacher,   the boss at work,   or owner of a business.

I believe people with good ethics led a better life and that is because they treat others as they would want to be treated and do as they would want done to them.   That they led a life of making choices that are positive and fulfilling for themselves and the communities they are a part of.   Ethics are learned at   a young age and instilled by example.   Usually by people such as parents and guardians, teachers and bosses,   friends and acquaintances.   People who we have contact with daily as we grow up.   We all know right from wrong but it is being mature enough to choose the better option.

At work and in groups ethics are more outlined as to doing what...

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