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Ethics Essay

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  • on June 4, 2014
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There are three major ethical theories that concern the happiness of man, and they are Virtue Theory, Utilitarianism, and Deontological Ethics. Each one of these is a different equasion for deducing what is “right” or “wrong”.   No one is any better than another for determining ethical actions or moral behavior, but these three theories have differences among themselves. Virtue theory, for example is more subjective than utilitatianism. Deontological Ethics are subjective as well, but more subjective than Virtue Theory.   Virtue, untilitarian, and deontological ethics theorys are attemps to find Truth, and each is very unique.
Any action is either ethically admissible, ethicaly nuteral, or unethical. Virtue theory states that an actions ethical status is based upon the charator of the individual commiting the action. This makes ethics very subjective. The charater of an individual is then determined by their intent. Intent is what makes virtue. For example, if an individual were to steal, the action is question is theift. If this individual is intending to antatinize the person from who they stole or intending to stealing for personal gain, the act of theft is unethical. Now maybe that individual stole to feed a starving person, theft is still “inherently wrong” but the intention of the theif were “good”.   That is why the action is ethically admissible.
Utilitarianisum is a theory by John Stwert Mills. Mills claims that ethics are less subjective than Platos virtue theory. Utilitarianism theory states that what is ethical or moral creats the most happiness and the least pain. This equation is less subjective and more empirical – pleasure and pain can be measured. For example, there is a railroad track that forks into two, and the train will go down one or another depending on which direction you throw the switch. Down one track is a group five people, bound and restrained to the tracks. Down the other track is one single person bound and testrained to the tracks....

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