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Ethics Stakeholder Analysis

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Section 1
The case that I chose for this analysis paper was “Management A”. There are two key decision options for this case. The first is to schedule the heavy emissions work for the night shift, so that when the EPA tests their levels during the day, they are normal. The second option given to George as an ultimatum by his boss is to move the plant 15 miles south to Mexico to avoid EPA emissions restrictions and fines. Below is a Stakeholder Analysis of each of the two possible decisions.
Stakeholder Analysis
Stakeholders | Schedule Heavy Work at Night | Move Plant to Mexico |
Stockholders | + | -- |
Employee’s at Hondo Plant | + | --- |
Customers | + | - |
Community of Hondo | - | --- |
George (Decision Maker) | - | -- |
Environment of Hondo | -- | ++ |
| | |

For the stockholders, scheduling the heavy emissions work at night was given a +. This is was only given a + compared to the -- for the other decision because relocating costs money. This means higher expenses to the stockholders for the year because they must purchase a new building, transfer all of the equipment, and fully train a completely new staff. The analysis of the employees working at the Hondo plant shows that it is very detrimental to move the plant to Mexico because all employees will lose their jobs. A + was given for scheduling the heavy work because this will ensure that no jobs are lost. The customers were given a - for moving to Mexico for the reason that all of the expenses of relocating may cause product prices to rise. Otherwise, customers are not much of a factor in this decision making. The community of Hondo was given --- for moving to Mexico because a high percentage of employment comes from the plant and closing it would be crushing to the economy of Hondo. On the other hand, the high emissions of the plant have a negative impact for the community. George, the decision maker in this process, has negatives for both options, however, more so for moving the...

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