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Executive Summary

The current project was taken   on by a team of consultants from Talent Inc and aimed to provide University Bookshop with an analysis of their current human resource practice and determine areas of improvement. The team gather information from the company and analysed the company’s store within a university campus. From the analysis key findings where found relating to the stores quality of staff and methods of recruitment.
Largely temporary agency employees
Struggling to find quality staff for temporary positions
Lack of staff training impacted negatively on new staff performance
Large applicant pool of students not being utilised for employees
Largely temporary basis meant sick or absent staff could not be replaced within short notice due to time it takes for the agency to find applicant
**more to come**
This suggests the current recruitment practices within this store and potentially other stores in Australia could be suffering from recruitment practices that do not fully utilised the company’s situation and does not seem to follow the strategies, values and goals of the company. The consultants provided, after much deliberation and research, two improvements that could improve the stores functioning would be to:
1) utilise large student pool of applicants and conduct in-house recruitment rather than using an agency
2) develop a process which allows the store to develop a trained, experienced and reliable set of temporary employees which could be used during peak periods but also available during off-peak periods in case of emergencies
From these recommendations the consultants attempt to increase the quality of the employees the store has available to them and ensure they have a quality workforce they can utlise rather than fully relying on temporary agencies to conduct their recruitment.

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