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Experience in England Essay

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Personal Reflections on my week in Ashridge
First of all I have to highlight the human experience has been great. Spending this week in this great scenario, with my collages of study, working hard and learning from people with such an impressive background is something than I think I´ll remember for the rest of my life, and I have to thank you and all the team for that.

That was something I needed to say, but leaving the emotional feelings aside, there are many academic concepts I take back to my day-by-day life.
A good example is the first session about corporate level strategy, where we defined the mission of a company somehow as the reason why this company should exist and makes it unique. On my experience, working in an healthcare firm, this makes a very stimulant reflection, because makes think a little beyond the concept of “just selling as many equipment as possible”, which is what routine tends to tell you, to the more inspiring approach that we are working for the wellbeing of the people, as our Mission at Philips Healthcare is “Improving People´s Lives Through Meaningful Innovation”.   I found inspiring stopping the frenetic activity 1 minute each day and think about that, also about our vision: “Make the world healthier and more sustainable though innovation, with the goal of improving the lives of 3 billion people a year by 2025. Be the best place to work for people who share our passion, and deliver superior value for our customers and stakeholders all together as a team”, and our behaviors: Eager to win, take ownership and team up to excel. I realized those statements are not only words written with big letters on the web homepage, but something I must keep in mind while I do my job, even the smaller and less important activities, because it helps to give all your work a deeper sense, besides keeping it aligned with company expectations.

Another interesting concept I take home from that session is the relationship between the different business...

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