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Experiment the Reproductive System Essay

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The Reproductive System

Laszlo Vass, Ed.D. Version 42-0025-04-01

Lab Report Assistant

Slide Sketches see attatchments.

Sketch of Testes Sketch of the Ovary Sketch of Human sperm

Exercise 1: Investigation of the Testes and Ovary

  A. Why are the testes located outside of the body in the scrotum?
Sperm production happens best at a slightly lower temperature than in the body cavity. So nature dangles the testes outside. In infertility cases, the man is always asked if he wears too-tight (and too warm) underclothing as too much heat damages sperm.

  B. What process occurs in the seminiferous tubules?
Sperm production occurs in the seminiferous tubules, of the testicles
  C. Why do sperm and egg go through meiosis?
Meiosis facilitates stable sexual reproduction. Without the halving of ploidy, or chromosome count, fertilization would result in zygotes that have twice the number of chromosomes as the zygotes from the previous generation. Successive generations would have an exponential increase in chromosome count. In organisms that are normally diploid, polyploidy, the state of having three or more sets of chromosomes, results in extreme developmental abnormalities or lethality. Polyploidy is poorly tolerated in most animal species. Plants, however, regularly produce fertile, viable polyploids. Polyploidy has been implicated as an important mechanism in plant speciation. Most importantly, recombination and independent assortment of homologous chromosomes allow for a greater diversity of genotypes in the population. This produces genetic variation in gametes that promote genetic and phenotypic variation in a population of offspring.

  D. Name the various follicles you can find inside a typical ovary.
Primordial, primary, secondary, mature vesicular, rupturing, maturing corpusluteum as well as corpus albicans.

  E. How is the endocrine system involved in reproduction?
The endocrine system produces...

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