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Facebook Essay

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Eight years after the launching of Facebook, many often voice their opinion that Facebook and other social networks are a waste of time. It brought a revolutionary form of communication and a brand new way of living our everyday lives. Facebook opens a world where anybody can find new friends, share interests and keep in touch with their loved ones, where ever they are in the world. Many criticize Facebook for loosing it’s originality and that Facebook users should find more useful ways of spending their time. It is mostly parents who are worried about their children being addicted to Facebook. They feel it is distracting and blame lower grades on their teens’ social networking. Some are afraid that their children will be absorbed into the world of social networking. Today’s adolescents are a new generation, virtual communication is a part of everyday life and for some of them unfortunately it is the only form. Chat rooms take the place of dates, a meeting or even a walk in the park with one’s best friend. Those who have turned their backs on Facebook often claim it is a threat to personal liberty, it takes away freedom and even straps one to a chair.

My opinion is that similarly to basically everything in life, the clue is to find the right balance. If we overdo things they will have harmful effects in the long run. As a regular Facebook user I believe that it is useful as well as fun if used within the limits. Facebook was created for the above mentioned uses, however addiction and overuse is harmful in any situation. That is why I strongly believe that low grades and losing a real social life is not the result of Facebook itself, but the result of it’s over use. Let me point out that Facebook is a voluntary website, meaning that it is our choice to join Facebook and it is not forced upon us.

Another positive effect of Facebook is social interaction and cultural intermingling. Facebook is a great way for interacting with anyone in the world....

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