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Facts About Development Essay

  • Submitted by: anonymous
  • on February 21, 2013
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MA in Psychology


*Normative Sequence
Starting from the very moment of conception until death growth and development is continuous but the rate of growth and development is not the same throughout the life span. We may take the example of height and weight of a child and every well mark how the rate of growth in height and weight fluctuates in different periods. There are periods of accelerated growth and periods of retarded growth for every aspect. Growth and development is not uniform for the entire organism. While outward organs like feet, hands and nose reach their maximum development during adolescence the lower parts of the face reach their development late.

*Differentiation and Integration
Development proceeds from the simple to the complex, from homogenous to heterogeneous, from the general to the specific. Differentiated structures and functions become integrated into new more inclusive, emergent patterns, yielding simplicity with many components.

*Optimal Tendency
In children, growth generally tries to fulfill its potential. If growth is slowed for a particular reason, such as malnutrition, the body will try to catch up when it is able to do so. This is one reason why children may develop skills in later years even if delays occurred at an earlier point in their development.

Development involves both qualitative and quantitative changes. It may be defined as a progressive series of orderly, coherent changes (Hurlock, 1978). Progressive means directional or leading forward, and coherent suggests a definite relationship between the changes taking place and those that precede of follow them. For example, as a result of the growth of the brain, the child has a greater capacity for learning, for remembering, and for reasoning. The child grows mentally as well as physically. The goal of developmental changes is self-realization or the achievement of genetic potentials. Whether...

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