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Fad Diets Essay

  • Submitted by: buvan95
  • on February 28, 2014
  • Category: Psychology
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Professor Zanca
                                Fad Diets: Suicide helpers or Health enhancers?

      A fad diet is a diet that employs unhealthy eating strategies to help you lose weight quickly. Fad diets often encourage the use of supplements, but do not encourage exercise to lose weight (Live strong.com). According to the American Heart Association “super foods” that can help you safely lose weight do not exist. Fad diets are extremely harmful to the body. The one thing which these diets do is make you sick.
          Many of these diet regimens employ the use of certain drugs to help you lose weight. These drugs contain carcinogens which harm the body. Many people take these drugs not knowing the harm these drugs do to their bodies. The Japanese weight lose pill, for example, contains the chemical phenolphthalein. Phenolphthalein is a suspected carcinogen and causes Heart attacks and strokes. Many other weight loss drugs available on the internet today contain substances similar to phenolphthalein. These drugs are marketed by actors who claim weight lose pills are a medical miracle. The truth is those actors are paid to talk good about those fad diet drugs. Who knows what ingredients are actually present in those drugs and what it could do to the human body. Only the company which manufactures those drugs knows the truth.
            The companies who sell these products do not care about the consumer and his/her wellbeing. All businesses care about is money. Drug manufactures would sell as many drugs as they possibly could to raise their profits.   These manufactures could put anything into those drugs to create the illusion of weight loss. People do not understand this fact and would try anything to help them lose weight. Even mercury, a toxic metal, can help you lose weight if you consume it, but would you take it?   If your answer is no, then why would you take these fad diet drugs? They are no different from mercury....

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