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Fall of Rome Essay

  • Submitted by: Liyahlingo17
  • on February 18, 2014
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  Scholars and Historians have come up with many reasons to why the great, grand Empire of Rome ended. For over 200 years, territory from modern-day Spain to Scotland, the entire Mediterranean Sea, and Colonies in Egypt, Asia Minor, Middle East, and North Africa were all under control of the Roman Empire.   The question still remains, however. What really brought this dominance to a screeching halt? Was it the Lack of Military Protection, Foreign Invasions from every corner of the Empire, or just the fact that Emperors changed like someone changes Clothes?

  Beginning in 400 CE, protection needed was abandoned. Before this time, Soldiers, more commonly known as “Footsoldiers” wore Helmets and Breastplates as armor and a line of defense, against their Enemies various weapons. Once Ground Drills stopped, armors customary worn grew heavy, since the Soldiers rarely to never put it on. First, the request to lose Breastplates was put in, and then Helmets joined soon after. Both requests were passed and the Soldiers fought against major enemies, such as The Goths, with nothing to cover their Head and Chests. Often, they were taken out by the use of an Archer and his Arrow. Despite all of these causalities, no one tried to have Breastplates and Helmets restored. As a result, Soldiers realized that they could be seriously injured, and chose ‘flight’ over ‘fight’. Due to this weakness, Enemies quickly began to take over.

  Soldiers dwindling by the second, Foreign Invaders came from left and right.   Defeating the Soldiers, who went out   unarmed and unprotected, Major Cities were lost to Enemy Competitors and more kept coming. The Huns, an Asian Tribe proved to be some of the most deadly. They were described as “…unthinking animals, they are completely ignorant of the difference between right and wrong.” They were ruthless, savaging Enemies that destroyed everything in their path, without a ounce of remorse or second thought. Does this also...

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