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Families Then vs Now Essay

  • Submitted by: migidx
  • on June 2, 2014
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Miguel Gonzalez
Mr. Harnden

Period – 5

April 29, 2013

Families Then and Now

Many years ago, many families would have six or more children, but nowadays more families are starting to choose to have fewer children. Families are getting smarter by planning how much children they want and are going to have. Also, with the technologies we have today, it is easier to control how much children a family wants. Many families are choosing to only have between one to three children. In the society and economy we have today, it would be costly to have many children. It is wise to only have a few children during these hard times.

In the economy we have today it is very smart to have a few children. Having many children is very expensive. For each child, you would have to supply them with clothes, food, and other mandatory things. With many people without jobs, it is hard for them to provide for their families, and if they have many children it will be that much harder. Even when both parents are working it is still going to be very expensive to raise their children. Also, with both parents working, they have less time to spend with each of their children. As a parent, they want to give each of their children the same amount of love and show them how important they are to them, but with both parents working to provide for all of their children, it is very challenging to do that.

With the technologies we have today, it is easier to control how many children a family wants. A couple can control when they want to have a child and how many children they want to have. With the help of condoms and birth control pills, it has lowered how much children are born in the U.S. Many decades ago, they did not have condoms and birth control pills to help them control if they wanted to have a child or not. This is one reason why families had many children many decades ago. In less developed countries, many families still have many children due to the lack of education....

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