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Family Theory Essay

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Ordinary People
Film Cast and Credits: “Ordinary People” is a film released in 1980 (Paramount Pictures), directed by Robert Redford and performed by Donald Sutherland (as Calvin), Mary Tyler Moore (as Beth), Judd Hirsch (as Dr. Berger) and Timothy Hutton (as Conrad), based on the 1976 edited novel of the same title by Judith Guest, with the screenplay written by Alvin Sargent and produced by Ronald L Schwary. The film marked Redford’s director debut and won Academy Awards for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Adapted Screenplay, and Best Supporting Actor (Timothy Hutton) and acting nominations for Mary Tyler Moore and Judd Hirsch. The film displays the conflicts and traumas that one sudden, unexpected event can produce in a supposed well established family and the different behavioral pathways that every family member uses to cope with traumatic situations.
The movie introduces to us the Jarrett family, an apparent well integrated, middle class family in where Calvin and Beth act and seem like a happy couple and Conrad as a handsome high school student with aptitudes for singing and swimming, but with a story behind them of having suffered the dramatic loss of the older son Buck after a boating accident and the failed suicidal attempt of Conrad that fortunately Calvin prevented. The film begins almost two months after Conrad has been discharged from the hospital and his attempts to integrate to normal life again. It is this period where most of the memories will take place in Conrad’s mind resulting in anguish and stress.
The present paper will try to explain how this family has been using wrong coping strategies for long time resulting in familiar disintegration and disorganization and the efforts made by two of the family members trying to find a new purpose for their lives.

Description of the Family
The film begins with a sequence of...

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