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Fight Club Review

  • Submitted by: dkenneth
  • on February 22, 2013
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Film Review
The film Fight Club, directed by David Fincher (written originally as a novel by Chuck Palahniuk) is the story Tyler Durden’s (listed as The Narrator, played by Edward Norton) relationship with his alter ego Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt), and his struggle to overcome his subconscious and regain control of his mind. The film begins with The Narrator sitting in a chair on one of the top stories of a skyscraper with a gun being held in his mouth by Tyler Durden. It then flashes back to the beginning of the story with the explanation of The Narrator’s chronic insomnia. He goes through a long, strange journey to cure it, with the final antidote being fighting. The Narrator first meets Tyler on a return flight from a business trip and when he gets home he finds that his apartment had exploded. He ends up moving in with Tyler and progressively becomes more like him. On the first night they live together they fight and thus Fight Club was born. It expanded to a group of men fighting in a basement and eventually there were fight clubs all across the country. Tyler then evolves the group into an anti-corporate and anti-materialistic organization known as Project Mayhem.   After a member of Project Mayhem dies The Narrator tries to turn himself in to the police (this is after he discovers Tyler is his alter ego) but the police have been corrupted by Tyler. He escapes from the station and runs into Tyler and you are brought back to the opening scene of the movie.
Throughout the entire film, it is extremely evident that Tyler Durden is the most prominent leader and he is very interesting. His goal is for everyone to be enlightened and find true inner happiness, not to be sucked into the materialistic, superficial life that most people become obsessed with.   From the second The Narrator meets Tyler he is interested. He sees Tyler’s confidence and the way that he holds himself and it appeals to him. When The Narrator moves in with Tyler, Fight Club begins growing and...

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