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Final Exam Paper

  • Submitted by: nmccoskey
  • on February 21, 2014
  • Category: Psychology
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Julie Mccoskey
Final Exam Paper
The aspects of society affect the course of people’s lives. The three topics that I choose to discuss in my paper are Education, Deviance and Medicine. I think that those three have affected my life course more than the others.
The educational system has a huge impact on my life. Ever since I began school, (Preschool), I have always valued education. I enjoy learning new things and enjoyed topics that challenged me. Education is extremely important to me especially now that I am in college. It is very different being in high school or junior high. I have more of a drive to go to college because I’m excited to learn and grow so I can be ready for my future career. In my opinion, I also believe people tend to value education more than in high school or junior high. I think this because college is more of a life choice because no one is really forced to go. Plus, some people may have more of a drive to do better and to get better grades in college since you have to pay for your schooling now. Paying for college can be expensive, so I appreciate scholarships or financial aid. I think that is great that even though people may not be able to afford college they can still get on opportunity to go with help.   My major is psychology and I know that I need education and to learn more in depth about psychology to practice it once I have graduated. I feel very fortunate and proud that I was able to receive a good education. It is sad to think some schools in the United States still don’t have good access to a well-rounded education. Some of the lower classes may be deprived of good educational values because they have been in situations where they’re not as fortunate. To me, I never looked at education as being forced to go to school. I think about other countries around the world that do not have access to education. There are countries such as Africa who have high illiteracy rates. I think a lot students do not really realize that and may...

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