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Final Paper

  • Submitted by: ebony18
  • on June 5, 2014
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School Safety Team | Team Objectives | Affected Processes due to Improvement | Outcome |
Leadership Committee | Maintain standards for Student and staff conduct that Promote safe and conducive environment for learning. | School handbook will be updated and printed for students and parentsUpdate school Board policyHandbook for transportationStaff development | Gain understand about expectations school-wide and a point of reference for all stake-holders |
Principal, systems director, IT director, school nurse | Maintain/increase Security all schools within the district. | Fobs for all staff to buzz in and out the building.All visitor’s sign in, in the front office | Monitors visitors that enter and exit the building |
Head Custodian and custodial staff | Maintain satisfactory ratings on all required facilities and grounds inspections in each school | Inspections should be at 95% rating or above | Assess the weaknesses and Strengths of the data found |
Counselor, Hospitality Chair (5th grade Teacher) | Promote a climate of mutual respect and acceptance among students and staff at each school. | Anti Bullying Team/MembershipMoral Builders for teachers | Building school-wide unity and building a rapport with fellow classmates and co-workers |
| | | |
                School Improvement Team: Problem to Address.   (School Safety Plan)

      School safety is important to plan for and discuss for every person that works within a school building. Studies show that children perform better when they feel that they are safe. Throughout America, malicious acts of violence have been reported throughout school, either on school grounds outside of school hours and even during school hours throughout the instructional day. This table has been formulized to focus on a school improvement plan for safety throughout the school and minimize incident and near loss reports as school safety will closely be monitored. The teams have been divided into compartments that...

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