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Financial Analysis of Facebook

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Running Head:   Facebook’s IPO

Facebook’s IPO and the Aftermath
Michael Anderson
Devry University
Advanced Managerial Finance
FIN 516
Dr. Warren Frey

Facebook’s IPO and the Aftermath
The company Facebook, founded by Mark Zuckerberg, has become a modern day success story that embraces all facets of what it means to be an entrepreneur in America today.   The company started in a college dorm room, and has grown into a multibillion dollar corporation in a little under 10 years.   Facebook made headlines across the world with its recent IPO falling flat last year due to a number of different issues (lawsuits are still being sorted out in the aftermath).   In order to gain a better understanding of Facebooks IPO and where they are now there are 5 areas we need to look at.   First, we will look at the industry Facebook operates in and what exactly Facebook does as company, and after that move onto important financial data and other facts presented in their SEC filings.   Then we look at how successful the IPO was in raising capital, and how Facebook has fared since their IPO.  
Now, let’s look at Facebook’s industry that they compete in.   Facebook operates in the Social Networking Industry.   This is a relatively new industry that has sprung up in recent years that is still evolving.   According to IBISWorld Report on the Social Networking Industry revenues as a whole are expected to top $6.6 billion, with expected growth rates over the next 5 years to be around 35% (Schmidt, 2013).   The main source for revenue in this industry still remains advertising, in which Facebook received almost 85% of it’s revenue from in 2012.   The IBISWorld Report also pegs this industry to still be in a growth stage during it life cycle, with light government regulation, medium barriers to entry, and high revenue volatility.   When taking a look at what the competitive landscape for Facebook, they really are one of kind at the moment.   According to IBISWorld Report previously cited,...

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