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Food Nutrition Essay

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Food Report
I logged all of my food into a food tracker to get an accurate amount of information to determine if my diet was healthy or not. After about five days worth of data, I have enough data to form a conclusion. I will describe each aspect of the dietary guide lines, target amount and my amount.
There are two different aspects of grains that people need on a daily basis. You need both whole grains and refined grains, but combined you need at least six ounces. Whole grains, you would need more than three ounces daily, while less than three ounces of refine grains. I consumed only about an ounce of whole grains on average and about two and a half on average of refined grains. I was way under for whole grains and at an alright amount for refined grains daily. I can increase my amount of grains by consuming whole grained cereals, crackers rice or pasta on a weekly basis.
Vegetables are an important part of every persons diet. You need about two and a half cups of vegetables on a weekly basis. On average, I only consume about One cup of vegetable on a weekly basis. I am under the requirement of consummation of vegetables. There are three different ways that I could improve the intake of vegetables in my weekly diet. First, I could include vegetables in meals and snacks. Second, I could Add dark-green, red, and orange vegetables and beans and peas to main and side dishes. Lastly, I could   purchase canned vegetables, select those labeled "reduced sodium," "low sodium," or "no salt added."
Fruits are another important aspect of a person's diet. The recommended amount of fruits on a weekly basis is about two cups of fruit. There is not a target amount of fruits on my food tracker, but my weekly average intake was only about half a cup. I could increase my fruit intake amount by a cup and a half to be at the recommended amount of fruits.
Dairy is important to your daily diet. the target amount of dairy that needs to be consumed on a weekly basis is about...

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