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Form an Essay

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  • on March 2, 2014
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FORM AN Application for naturalisation as a British citizen

October 2013

Application for naturalisation as a British citizen
IMPORTANT: Before completing this form, you should read the Guide AN as well as the Booklet AN. Fill in those parts of the form that apply to your application. If there is not enough space for your answer, use page 15 to provide additional information.
If you want help to complete your application form, you may wish to contact a competent adviser, for example a solicitor or agent registered with the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (see page 5 of the Guide AN which accompanies this form for details). Or you may wish to use the Nationality Checking Service operated by a number of local authorities. Your Register Office will advise if one is operated in your area. We recommend that you keep a copy of this application. NOTE: Some of the information you provide on this form will be stored on a computer which is registered under the Data Protection Act. Please ensure that you read the Guide AN and the Booklet AN. You should ensure that you understand the criteria for naturalisation before submitting your application. Full fees cannot be returned for applications that fail. Please write in BLOCK CAPITALS using black or blue ink. Please enter all dates as dd-mm-yyyy, e.g. 01/09/2013 Please note that each individual applying for naturalisation must complete a separate application form. Therefore husbands, wives and civil partners wishing to naturalise, must complete separate forms. For a “joint” application attracting a single fee the applications for a married or civil partnership couple must be submitted together. Family applications should include separate forms for each child, either an AN Form where the child is now an adult (aged 18 or over) or an MN1 Form for a minor (under the age of 18). WE DO NOT NEED APPLICATIONS FOR ADULTS OR MINORS WHO ARE ALREADY BRITISH. If you are acting as responsible adult for someone who is...

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