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Fredrick Douglas Essay

  • Submitted by: BintaRatliff
  • on February 27, 2014
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Binta Ratliff
Dr. Hilary Harris
English 0307-5029
October 24, 2013
Essay Compare and Contrast
In “Learning to Read and Write,” Frederick Douglass tells the story of how he overcame problematic obstacles to become literate. Douglass grew up a slave in a time where reading and writing was forbidden for all blacks. He did not let this deter him to his pathway to success. Douglass used all his resources around him to achieve his ultimate goal to become literate.   He pushed himself into his purpose in life. Although, I struggle somewhat my experience into literacy was relatively straightforward.   Growing up in the United States, school is required for children no matter what the race. I did not have to beg for an education; it was basically handed to me on a silver platter.   In this essay, I will explain how Douglass’s experience of literacy is parallel to mines in terms of personal transformation and early education, yet it diverse in terms of our language at home.
Douglass and I share a similarity in personal transformation in the sense of being a slave in a society where being young and black have no relevance. Douglass went from not being accustomed with reading and writing to doing what other folks didn’t permit him to do; and that was to educate himself. He realized that knowledge was power. In my experience society didn’t expect a young black female growing up in public housing to be successful in graduating high school. Statistics shows that I was going to be pregnant by age fifteen. Douglass and I both went through grueling experience. We defied all the odds that were stacked against us. He moved on to become a very successful black man in pursuing his dreams of motivating people especially the black community. I moved on to be a college student in my quest for freedom from the restraints that hold me.
Furthermore, Douglas and I share similarities in early childhood education. We both learned in an informal setting. He learned from his mistress,...

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