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Free Associations Essay

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  • on June 3, 2014
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Consciousness and interpretation in modern psychoanalysis

Consciousness and interpretation in modern psychoanalysis
This paper discusses how some of the reflecting techniques of modern analysis and the tendency to avoid anything ego-oriented may keep analysts and patients locked into the status quo phase of analysis. The fear of losing the patient may motivate some therapists to be so careful that patients are not helped to recognize and move beyond their repetitions. In order to reach the stages of progressive communication and cooperation, patients must be given the chance to know themselves through ego-syntonic explanations and to consciously decide to work with the analyst.

Freud (1923/1961) revised the topographical model of the mind when he realized that, due to its defenses, a good part of the executive apparatus (the ego) was unconscious and therefore behaved like the id. “Where id was, there ego shall be” became the aim of psychoanalysis (Freud, 1933/1964, p. 80). When we ask people to say whatever comes to mind, we have an aim—and that aim is to make what is unconscious (or at least pre-conscious), conscious by verbalizing it. Like Freud, we believe that making something conscious deprives it of its power to motivate behavior and gives more control. Freud relied on interpretations addressed to the patient’s conscious ego, as do
This paper was originally published 2009 in Modern Psychoanalysis, 34, 106116.


most schools of thought at present no matter what their theoretical orientation. The practice that most noticeably separates modern analysis from other psychoanalytic schools is the use of interventions that depart from the rational, the use of what we call “emotional communications.” However, in our dedication to emotional communication and to such modern analytic interventions as joining, mirroring, following the contact, and asking object-oriented questions, we may be overlooking some of the advantages of interpretation as well...

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