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Freedom Riders Essay

  • Submitted by: lamya06
  • on June 2, 2014
  • Category: History
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Freedom Riders Responsibility Project Essay

Freedom rider is a strong inspirational story that changed lives of the society forever. Blacks and whites risked their lives through beatings, and imprisonment for being together on buses and trains, chaos was centered for these young individuals as they continued their journey of freedom for their society. Freedom riders were recruited around the country white and black. Blacks believed that everyone is created equally and majority of whites thought the same thing as we are one diverse country. Freedom riders are extraordinary people who did extraordinary things, the civil rights struggle, the empowerment, and religious beliefs these individuals had among our growing country proved you can do anything if you have the right people with you that have faith (Freedom Riders, 2011).
Freedom riders segregation issues existed in the south, which involved schools, transportation, and neighborhoods that were enforced by law and violence, while Freedom riders tried to provoke violence around the world. The Freedom Riders were so strong minded and believed in bringing the country together as one, with the courage that sought through their long journey of distraught, violence, and opposition. The Freedom Riders presses forward and succeeded through the most horrifying events, which seemingly paid off as months went by with inspiring others to get along as one, they felt like we are the same, and we were put on this earth to help one another. Freedom Riders were on a mission to stand against racial prejudice and felt the need to reserve without limits as long as segregation was still an existing factor (Chappell, 1994).
The Freedom Riders journey encountered horrible trouble under the influence of pressure the Freedom Riders had plenty of occasions such as the mob violence in Anniston and Birmingham. The plan was to assault the freedom riders with the local Ku Klux Klan, and had fifteen minutes to attack without any justice...

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