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Gaming Industry Essay

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Executive Summary
The evolution of the gaming industry began in 1947. Not only did it bring new employment opportunities in the global market. Also, throughout the decades there has been an immense proportion of time and money spent on the research and development of the gaming industry as we know it today. Still the gaming industry is raw as we know it and sky is the limit for means of improvement. Long gone are the days of dominance of Ping Pong, the industry today is quite competitive and difficult for new entities to enter into the global market, The high end gaming till date is now only available on the existing consoles, but there smaller counterparts have dominances over the mobile and hand held consoles.
The Arab world contributes a meaningful 8% to the global gaming market; while out of the Arab World U.A.E contributes 2% to the global market which clearly illustrates a staggering 25% contribution from U.A.E to the Arab World gaming market. While the figures and statistics are good the truth is also not hidden from our eyes. The legalized and official market in U.A.E does not play the major role in the contribution, while unofficial and unauthorized dealers get a fair bit of the share of the market. Moreover the biggest chunk has always been contributed by the black market where a lot of piracy and modification to the consoles take place. Thanks to modern technology and advancement measures have taken place to prevent piracy. Play station 3 which has dominated all the other consoles in U.A.E. is for now till date piracies prove which has given a sigh of relief to the authorized dealers. Still the grey market seems to take advantage of the pricing strategies to dominate the market. Whereas, the black market has declined consistently over the past few years since the arrival of the new   seventh generation of the video game consoles in U.A.E.            
The analysis have shown a consistent growth in U.A.E.’s market throughout the past decade as more...

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