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Georgetown Essay

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Describe an experience you have had living or working in a diverse community. How might that experience help you to contribute to the life of a university community like Georgetown’s?

Going to a diverse school and living in a non-diverse neighborhood have helped me to be aware of and understand differences, including people with different cultures, personalities and beliefs. Walking through the hallways of my high school, I see Blacks, Whites, Africans, Latinos, Asians and Pacific Islanders. But walking down the aisles of my local grocery store is a totally different scene from my high school – there are more people who look just like me.

Here are the statistics for Race in Seattle:
White 70%
Asian 13%
Black 8%
Other* 7%
American Indian 1%
Pacific Islander 1%

The lack of equity in the diversity of the Greater Seattle area is unacceptable to me. But what is more unacceptable is that kids, sometimes, do not understand or know what diversity looks like until they get to college or the work place. As some people walk down hallways in their school and aisles in their local grocery store - they are indifferent to the diversity that is, or should be, around them.. They are missing out on people skills that will be needed in the larger work world. I am very lucky to have diversity in my life.   It has made me a better person and has allowed me to develop people skills that other’s may lack. I have the ability to successfully interact with people of different races and cultures.
Once I got to Garfield High School; I was in awe of both the diversity and the lack of diversity at the school. There are many different races and cultures in the Garfield community. However, I found myself in classes where I was one of two or three colored (Asian, Black, Latino, African) students in the class. Those classes were more likely to be AP classes.   However, in some of my classes, the diversity was strong; this is the Garfield that I know and love.
I had to learn how...

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