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Gilg Notes Essay

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  • on February 27, 2014
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September 4, 2013
The Epic of Gilgamesh:
• Gil built city , walls, wells, roads for Uruk
• Gil sleeping w| brides, killing his best warriors (diminishing military)
• Enkidu sent by gods to check him (made from clay = humanity). Animal like.
• Shamhat sleeps with Enk for week straight ( Enk no longer pure). Shaves, bathes, and gets him a job (sheep keeper) → civilization for Enk.
• Traveler going to wedding, tells Enk of Gils immorality toward brides. Enk disapproves.
o **Enk, just animalistic a week prior knows w|out doubt Gil is in the wrong for this.
• Gil has two dreams of Enk’s coming. He sees a rock and an axe → reps. Enk’s coming to Uruk. The city loves the rock & axe, Ninsun (Gil’s mom) takes both in (reps. Gil & Enk’s upcoming friendship/brotherhood/companionship).
• Enk comes to Uruk, challenges Gil before he can sleep with bride. He loses, BUT they become friends.
• Bromance → They go on an adventure into the Forest of Cedar.
• Ninsun (the right approach) bathes, gets dolled up in best clothes and jewels; asks gods (Shamash) to protect the two on their journey.
• Gil (wrong approach) gets a bunch of weapons, full of hubris, heads on his way.
• Gil has dreams on way to Forest, bad dreams. Enk twists his words and tells him they are good prophecies (Enk’s job is to keep Gil motivated to kill Humbaba).
September 6, 2013
Gilgamesh vs Enkidu. Who will the gods kill?:
• Enkidu dies on his deathbed (weakest way to go).
• Gilgamesh mourns dramatically. Has sculpture made for Enk. Refuses to leave the body til a maggot crawls out of his nose. (loss of humanity)
• Gilgamesh wonders in wilderness, confused, alone, pulling out his hair, wrapped in gross lion skins. Loss of civilization.
o We are so intertwined as human beings that we get connected to other people’s issues.
Gilgamesh goes on a journey to find Uta-napishti:
• Urshanabi ferryman sends him to Uta
• He survived the ocean/ the world almost ending? So gods granted him immortality. Uta...

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