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Global Warming Essay

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Below is an essay on "Global Warming" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

After the industrial revolution, since late eighteen hundreds, the human being started creating machines witch depend on fossil fuels and coal. this resulted in raising the temperature of the Earths surface of atmosphere and oceans by about 0.8 C, according to national academies   press, ISBN 978-0-309-14585-5. Warming of the climate is not equal, and changes from one place to another, caused the increasing of green gases produced by human activities such as the burning of fossil fuels and deforestation.
To days essay is about everything that includes in like , whether to blame humans or not, causes and effects of global warming, and lastly the solutions to prevent it.
The Earths atmosphere and oceans by about 0.8 C, according to national academies press, ISBN 978-0-309-1458-5-5. Warming of climate is not equal and differs from one place to another, caused by increasing concentrations of green house gases produced by human activities such as burning fossil fuels, joint science academies statement, according to Guardian global Warming causes 300,000 deaths a year.
Global Warming has too much causes and effects, its effect on animals and on humans. Lets discuss now the causes of Global Warming. Firstly carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuel burning power plants, the global increase of more electricity witch is formed from coal burning power plants, this resulted in increase emission of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Secondly carbon dioxide emission from burning gasoline for transportation. Thirdly Methane emission for animals.
The effects : increase in usage of chemical fertilizers on farm lands, this negatively effects underground water, witch effects the human health. Rise in sea levels all over the world, this can displace millions of people, more severe storms, Global Warming will majorly raise the intensity of dangerous storms such as hurricanes and cyclones.
Huge crop failure climate change is expected to have most dangerous impact on water supplies,...

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