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Global Warming Essay

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  • on June 6, 2014
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Below is an essay on "Global Warming" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Scientists lacking in credentials and credibility are leading the countries global warming campaign, are in charge of the countries global warming campaign, encouraging society to fear man-made climate change.   The article “Global Warming is a Myth,” written by Christopher Horner Esq. describes the myths of global warming, revealing the truth behind global warming and the crisis behind the global propaganda.   Global warming also known as climate change dominates the mindsets of society today.   Those who have a political seat, use global warming as an advantage to power, along with scientists brainwashing society to believe in a campaign with not enough of proof or credibility, providing false information all the while making money. When in a position like politics, access to media is easier to gain control and pursue voters steering them in the direction of global warming campaigns.

Indeed political power plays its role in the topic of global warming, they manage to control voters in using climate change as their tool to political power.   Horner states,” therefore after eight years of George W. Bush and republican control of the seats of power, Democrats know how years of fanning the flames of hysteria not only managed to brainwash voters, but also put political pressure on investor-driven industries to fall in line with the “greenhouse” band wagon and endorse their efforts to reduce hothouse gases and move to heal the earth.”   This quote provides an example of voter brainwash, regarding global warming, therefore gives politicians the wheel in how to steer voters where they want them.   The problem with politics is that it is simply publicity, the better the political party looks the more voters they will get. Who knows If these candidates truly care, what are their credentials where is the proof, using media is not something one should rely on for facts, voters need to do the research too.   This is the problem with society they don’t do enough research and...

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