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Go Radio! Essay

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Go Radio!
Not long ago we could see a lot of people listening to the radio. Enjoying their free time, relaxing while listening to the music played by the disk jockeys, which is more known as DJs, that’s what life was like before. Now, few people used the radio. They prefer using the television because it provides visual information. But don’t you know that using radio instead of the television is healthier and has a lot of positive effects on us? So we need to stop using the television and start listening to the radio more often.
According to new British research, time spent listening to the radio makes people happier and gives them higher energy levels overall compared to television viewing and surfing the Internet (Heyes, 2011).   Higher energy level means that we could have more energy to use for other things like doing chores and playing outside with our friends. And since listening to radio makes people happier that means that we can start our day brighter and more refreshing.
Listening to the radio is safer than watching television. Since cartoon nowadays shows violence, it’d be much safer for kids to listen to the radio than watch televisions. Also, it is extremely dangerous to watch television while driving.
The radio is cheaper. Rather than buying an expensive television, why not just buy a radio? It’s cheaper and it’s just like a television but has wider variety. The radio is also more informative, intelligent and highly entertaining compared to the television.
The radio is more affordable, safer, and more satisfying than a television. But because only few people know that the radio has a lot of good effect on us we still choose to use the television. So say no to television and go for radio!

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