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Greed Essay

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  • on June 4, 2014
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Present continuous

Present continuous and present simple
To talk about things happening at the moment, use the present continuous. Jim is watching television at the moment.

Present simple

To talk about habits and routines use the present simple. Things we do often, every day, every week, etc. Things that always happen. I arrive at school at 8.30. The first lesson starts at 8.45. The lesson finishes at 9.30. Jim is watching TV.


Joe lives in New York. New York is his home. He lives there all the time. We are living near the station at the moment. We want to move to another house soon.

Verbs usually used with the present simple: cost This bike costs £200. Anna likes rap music. like know Do you know the answer? understand I don’t understand this. believe Do you believe me? Some verbs have one meaning in the simple form, but a different meaning in the continuous form. Do you have a bike? = Do you own a bike? I’m having a great time! = It’s a great party! I think this film is great! = I like this film a lot. Quiet! I’m thinking. = I’m doing a difficult exercise. (in general) (at the moment) (in general) (at the moment)


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Choose the most suitable sentence or question. a) 1 I wash my hair. 2 I’m washing my hair.

b) 1 Do you know the answer? 2 Are you knowing the answer? c) 1 Do you wait for the school bus? You’re in the wrong place! 2 Are you waiting for the school bus? You’re in the wrong place! d) 1 That bike costs £350. 2 That bike is costing £350. e) 1 Do you understand? 2 Are you understanding? f) 1 I do my homework. 2 I’m doing my homework.


Complete each sentence. Use the words in brackets. Use present simple or present continuous.

always gets up a) Richard (always, get up)...

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